Book Review: J.D Greear’s, “Stop asking Jesus into your heart”

Can We Know For Sure If We Are Saved?

J.D’s thoughts, My evaluations.

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             At the center of the Christian life are Jesus and his saving work, through which believers everywhere can enter into the gift of eternal life.

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Do you want to win? Do this.

Jimmy Peña, Exercise Physiologist and Fitness & Faith advocate, comments on 1 Timothy 4:8, saying,

He who dies with the most muscle wins... ...   nothing.

Late last night, as I was reading this, my first thought was “Well, hey! At least we were healthier and we accomplished something!”, but soon the reality set in-we indeed win nothing. After death no one will remember all the hours of work we put in the gym, no one will say “He built up some really nice rear delts” or “his glutes were fantastic”.

What will be remembered is how we lived, how we loved, how we made a difference in other peoples’ lives. Now, allow me to be careful to explain that we can love in and through physical health and fitness, the difference is where the love lies–are we loving ourselves, or loving others? Does our physical fitness help improve the lives of anyone beyond ourselves? If the answer is no, then we are winning nothing.

Invest your time and effort into things that will help others. Show love to others, encourage others, build people up.

Don’t throw your life away by seeking only to improve yourself.

Lets Grow Together.

You Are of Great Worth.

I have experienced first hand what it means to be Loved by God, I have seen His promises come true, and I have felt His presence in difficult and great times.

Through study and research, both personal and by others’ work, I acknowledge the clear historical & prophetic accuracy of Bible literature.
I have good, logical, academically verified reason to trust what the Bible says.

THEREFORE, I also have good reason to believe that YOU are of great worth.
YOUR existence is very intentional, and YOUR life has a real purpose.
YOU matter, and no one has a right to tell you otherwise.

This is very easy to forget.
Remind yourself of this often.
That’s what this is for me, I guess…
A reminder.


Return of the Olympic Lifts + Lifting with Friends.

Olympic lifts are something that I enjoy thoroughly. I was really into them, practicing multiple times a week + strength training. Personally, I think Oly training was a great supplement to Strength training. Research may prove me wrong, but this is my experience with the different training styles.

In my next upload, (I really enjoy making these videos btw, even if no one watches, it’s something I enjoy (: ), I will be showing the working Eugene Lee and I had recently. I LOVE lifting with friends, it fosters a bond like no other activity can, in my opinion.


But the flesh is weak.


I am constantly reminded that no matter how strong I may think I am, my flesh is weak. I am weak, but God is strong. My attempts at strength, whether in the gym, or at school, or in resisting temptation will always fall short if I do not rely fully on God.

Lord thank you for the grace you have given us to see our weakness and your strength, may you graciously continue pouring out your love and faithfulness as we learn to grow in reliance in you, Amen.


When we fail.

We must never accept defeat. There can, and will, be times when we will fall, fail, and flop. We will experience an attack from the enemy in some sort of form. In the times when we do fall, when we fall into the attack, it is important to do certain things…

  • We have to recognize that what we are experiencing, the feelings of anxiousness, stress, hurt, pain, anger…ALL come from the enemy. Our adversary as believers in Christ, Satan.
  • We have to recognize that when we choose to ignore the true source of pain, we choose to fail.
  • Once we know the reality and the gravity of the spiritual battle we are in, then we must run to the One who can save us.


This is what I mean by never accepting defeat. You see, one of the possible outcomes of recognizing the spiritual battle we are in may be even more stress and anxiety, and we may at times choose to live and wallow in the defeat. We wallow in the pain of the battle, when instead we can be experiencing the victory of Christ.

When you are down and out, deciding to push past the present pain and persist in your walk with Christ towards victory, we choose to not accept defeat.

What is your spiritual battle?

  • Pain?
  • Family disputes?
  • Financial Struggle?
  • Depression?
  • Etc.

Decide to push through.

Choose persistence.


Never. Accept. Defeat.


–Mark Acosta–


Daniel 10:19 “Peace! Be strong now; Be strong.”Daniel-10-19-web-nltThanks to Versify:Life for sharing these awesome Bible Verse Images.

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Why community is necessary.

Is it just coincidence that almost every time I workout with Eugene Lee, Eddie Avakoff, or any other of my friends and training partners that I hit a new Personal Record (PR) and/or bust through a plateau? For a long time I thought it was.

Friends and brothers (or sisters) are there in hard times and help get us through difficulty. In the same way, our brother or sister next to us pushing us through that next rep is just the motivation we need to be able to get up with the bar. Loneliness can lead to self-defeat; to the belief that we aren’t good or strong enough and can end up with us giving up much earlier than what we are capable of.

This is true in life and in lifting.Proverbs 27.17

Another way I like to think about it involves a Father/Son dynamic. Although its very similar to the last example, this one deserves to be set apart. I’ve heard it explained like this: picture yourself as a small boy, on the [insert sport or competition here], for the purposes of this illustration lets say it’s a 100m. Race. You are ready to run, nervous to face the competitors, and slightly unsure of yourself. But you know that out there in the audience is your family, among them your father [or father figure], whom you see as a hero, an unstoppable and unbreakable man. He is watching you, and He is rooting for you. Will you not run as hard and as fast as you possibly can?

Father and Son_Lion


As I think about it though, it becomes more and more clear that our necessity for community in life is more than just a fact…It much reflects our nature as being created in the image of God. God is described as having a relationship with his Son, and the Holy Spirit. They are together one, yet they are also distinct in many ways. This is true community. Humans were created to experience this, and at times we get a glimpse of what this is like…unfortunately we don’t get to live in this always due to the fallen nature of the world we live in. Yet those moments of bliss, that time you and your whole family got along and were all laughing and having a great time, the time you saw one person reach out to an unlikely friend, the list goes on…These moments can sometimes be a glimpse into what true love and community looks like.

Let us go out and build community, growing stronger in love, life, and faith with each other.

Who are we, and what is FHG?

This page is a place where Eugene Lee (student at UCSD), and I (Mark Acosta, student at Biola University) will be writing down our thoughts and ideas regarding living FHG. We are both weight-lifters and fitness enthusiasts, and as such, much of our content will most likely relate to that. However, as we learn what it means to live for God’s glory, other topics are likely to come up.

FHG: For His Glory.

1 Corinthians 10.31

We believe that in this life, anything that we do, we are to do it for the Glory of God (1 Corinthians 10:31).

We aren’t experts in the theology of God’s glory, and we certainly don’t claim to know everything about what it means to live a life that brings glory to God, but we intend to spend our lives pursuing God, and learning what it means to live FHG.